About Us

Our Mission

To cape everything with digital technology for the accurate solutions.

Our Vision

To be a globally respected corporation that creates accurate solutions to every scenario.

Our Values

Integrity , Team spirit , Constant Learning , Innovation.

Products & Services

Artificial Intelligence

We teach your devices learn with AI to completely automate your work.

Cloud Applications

We provide Consulting, implementation, and operational services to drive a cloud-led digital transformation program.

Web Technology

We create the perfect solutions to transform your business with the power of WEB.


With the connected solution Concept , we implement automation of your business & data analysis.

our products

EasyNet GST ERPs

Our ERPs are innovative and well accepted. We strive to grow your business with a wide range of ERPs to fulfill your complete requirements.

Techwin Factura

Factura , desgined for your invoice execs with platform independent access & completely customizable operational hierarchy.

Techwin Kshethra

Kshethra handles the daily offering operations of temples across kerala with an innovative and intelligent approach.

Techwin Smart Diner

Smart diner , the primary level IoT system formulated for restaurants promises improved work efficiency & automates your order tokens.

Techwin M-fins

M-fins , an innovative web application designed in assosciation with microfinancing enterprises of different levels to serve their operations.

Techwin Ospedale

Techwin Ospedale, the HMS launching soon to manage medical institutions from small clinic to multi-national hospital.

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F16 , Surya Tower , 686572 , India

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